We only accept the application of the residence from states of Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, and Wisconsin.
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China Crew Visa (C)

China Visa expediting service, works directly with the Consulate-General of the People's Republic 
of China in Chicago to expedite China Visa, such as tourist, business, student, work, crew, and transit type. We offer reasonable and competitive price, your regular visa service rate start from $14.99 (plus government fees).

 China C Visa Application Instruction

To expedite your China Visa Service, please prepare following documents and send it by mail or stop by our office.

1. You must send the actual passport. The passport must have at least twelve (12) months validity remaining before expiration and has at least two complete blank visa page for the visa stamp.

Note: The last three pages on the U.S. passport are not visa pages and are not acceptable. If your passport doesn't meet the requirement, please contact us for passport services.

2. Complete Visa Application Form: Download, completely fill-out and sign China visa application form. One form per applicant.
From January 1st, 2014, all information only accept Type Format in "Visa Application Form". If you have difficult in filling the forms by computer, please fill in the form by writing and we will convert it to an electronic format. An additional $15 service fee will apply.

3. Photograph: You must provide one 2 x 2 passport type photo. The photo should be recent, front view, and without head covering. 

Note: Different size, xerox copy and homemade photo will be rejected by Embassy.

4. Crew Member ID: Send a copy of your crew member ID.
5. Business Letter: A letter from the airline to the Chinese Consulate stating your purpose of visit.

6. Complete CNO_China_Visa_Order_Form:

178.7 KB to print out, completely fill-out, and sign CNO Order form.

If you cannot view the page, please download Adobe Acrobat Reader.

7. Total Fees (Consulate Fee+Service Fee)+Return Shipping

Please check the following table for Consulate Fee and Service Fee:

Service Type  Entries  Validity  Consulate Fee  Service Fee 
4-5 days   1 24 Months   $140 $39.99 Now$34.99 
2-3 days   1 24 Months  $160


Return Shipping Option & Fee:

IMPORTANT: Please mail your documents along with one return Fedex/ UPS/USPS Express prepaid envelope; we do not accept to use regular mail as your return shipping. The return mailing fee should already be paid, and return mailing form should be completed. (Due to mailing prices may vary according to the different distances between us, it is fair and efficient for youself to provide us one returning envelope.)

The service date refers the time span we spend to process your case. It starts from the next day we receive your documents, and count business days only (exclude weekend and holidays, sending or receiving the mail). 

8. Pay Methods: You may pay the total fee with money order, or cashier's check. You can write the total amount on one check or money order. 

 Please Note: We do not accept any personal check or credit card.
9. Send us Above Documents and Fees to:
                Chicago Notary Office
                2314 S. Wentworth Ave. Suite#2R
                Chicago, Illinois 60616
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